Bag Filters















Bag filters are for removal of relatively smaller size particles and can be installed inline as a pre-filter to cartridge filters adding months to the cartridge's expected life. It reduces the time consuming and expensive task of replacing filter cartridges as filter bags can be replaced in seconds. Bag filters may eliminate use of cartridge filters for some of the applications.

Bag filters can be used in both continuous operations or batch processes and can be supplied in the following element materials polypropylene, polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose rayon, nomex, ryton.

The filter bag fabric is made in the form of felt or as meshed mono filaments. The felt form with its non woven compressed composition filtration achieves depth filtration trapping particles through out the thickness of the media.

Felt bags are manufactured of almost every fibre and the thickness of the felt determines the dirt holding capacity of the bag. These felt bags offer filtration ratings of 1 -100 microns.

Mono filament bags are made by woven single filaments of fibres, filtration occurs here on the surface of the filter media which has a consistent pore size. The filtration ratings of these bags range from 5 to 800 microns.